Friday, 28 November 2008


This country is turning into a right queer hole, make no mistake we are definitely at the fag end of civilisation as we know it. Kerry Fletcher, a butch number slung out of the army, on account of her Sapphic tendencies, took umbrage at the treatment she received. Of course, in this day and age, it is not enough to be offended, one has to be compensated for ones hurt feelings, and Miss Fletcher, like her feelings required sensitive handling, so sensitive that it required a bum judge to award her 200 grand of public money to smooth her ruffled feathers. Bugger me blind on a thursday, for 200 grand you can hurt my feelings any time, I won't complain, just take you to a tribunal, it's a better cert than the bingo.

Now, call me a pedantic SOB, and I am, but, one has to ask the question, what was one of Miss Fletchers proclivities doing in the military in the first place? it is not generally known as the home of sensitive souls, and the lady should have known that she would have to take a bit of stick. One can only conclude that this payment was part of a larger game plan, and if it was who can in all honesty blame the lady for trying it on when the government is so eager to fork out the taxpayers cash to all comers who meet the politically correct criteria for such an award.

This award is so distressingly typical of a society who's moral values have gone awol and show no sign of finding their way home. Our nation is under relentless assault, battered by the high tides of political correctness, one is mindful of the little Dutch boy who saved his country, but this is not Holland and who will plug the gap in this dyke.

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