Monday, 24 November 2008


Our Esteemed Home Secretary has made the decision to address the problem of prostitution by taking the men of the nation in hand, not that that is likely to give them much of a thrill considering the woman's physiognomy. But why this rabid antipathy towards the worlds oldest profession, one gets the suspicion that Miss Smith is intensely jealous of those of her sisters who are able to charge on the open market for a commodity that she could not give away. And, while we are on the subject, what is so terrible about prostitution? one party has something to sell which another, party wishes to buy, it is no different from buying a pound of pick 'n mix from Woolies.

Miss Smith, bless her feminist surgical stockings would have us all believe that all prostitutes are slaves, in thrall to evil pimps, with not choice in life other than to grind on in their profession. Now lets settle one thing here and now, no individual is forced into prostitution, it is just as easy to get a job stacking shelves down at Tesco, although not nearly as remunerative, and there is the nub of the issue, whoring is good money and the work is not back breaking, you only have to lay on it.

The real target here of course is men. Jacqui Smith, and her pal Harriet Harman are the representatives in the Cabinet of those hairy arsed marxist lesbians who spearhead the feminist movement. To these harpies, all men are rapists and should be persecuted, as they regard being in possession of a dick as an indictable offence. If these laws, making soliciting for a jump illegal, are put in place just saying "How much luv?" will get you banged up.

It is about time men started to stand up for themselves, for the end is nigh. Men of England, show some balls while you still allowed to have them.

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