Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Sweet did I hear you say? Ok, the little madam is about as close to confectionary as a bar of fruit and nut is to hemlock. But let us exercise a little charity here, it is not entirely the poor child's fault that she is what she is, with a name like Peaches one is bound to view the real world through a slightly distorted prism, there would not have been many Freds and Gladyses in her narrow little world where every parent is a star of some sort and all ones friends have equally daft names, but that is as far as charity can stretch to. Now I can understand our little princess wanting to find out what sex outside of a one night stand would be like, but in order for her to assuage her curiosity was it entirely necessary to marry some unknown American dork? Still we should not be too negative, it will be a beautiful divorce and the magazine rights will pay for a shed load of coke. Just like her mum bless her. What I can not understand is why this teenage trollop gets so much attention, as apart from shoplifting and freeloading she has nothing to mark her out from the tenant of your average council estate, although it must be admitted though, the latter has marginally more class. Of course I blame the parents and the fad for giving their children rediculous and pretentious names for her current sate. Peaches, poor lamb, your life would have been so normal if your parents had give you a more down to earth name, apple tart and custard would have been perfect.

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