Thursday, 10 December 2009


This is not so much as breaking a butterfly on the wheal as Agamemnon sacrificing Iphigenia to a vengeful god. In this case it is not an innocent virgin being thrown to the wolves, rather than a wretched and inadequate pratt being slung to the wolves. I am talking about Gary McKinnon, and the overwhelming likelihood of his being extradited to America for offences committed on the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom.
McKinnon is a self obsessed fool who does not really deserve any sympathy, but that is no excuse to extradite him into the embrace of a savage penal system. We in this country give house room to rampant Islamic savages who wish us nothing but ill and are actively plotting to harm this land of ours. Some of these individuals are wanted in America, but our inglorious masters refuse to extradite these haters of the Western world on account that to do so would breach their human rights, what of the rights of Mr. McKinnon to the protection of his country, a protection so lavishly awarded to those who were not even born here.
Would France, Germany or Italy be so eager to surrender one of their own? They would not even consider doing so, and I seriously doubt that the Americans would ask such a thing, suspecting the answere they would get.
Gary made a fool of the Americans and they want revenge, quite understandable, and they are to be commended for standing up for their national interests, but is it absolutely essential to the furtherance of Anglo-British relations that we, or to be more precise, they who rule over us, to roll over and play dead whenever Washington whistles? I think not.
Of all the distasteful issues on offer here, the most poisonous is the action of those at the top of the political tree. There is Allan Johnson, the betrayer in chief, who repeatedly says he has no power to stop extradition proceedings, only one comment here, lying son of a bitch, nothing else necessary. Let us not forget Sarah Brown, so fragrant, the Mary Archer of New Labour, who met with Gary’s mother and afterwards stood in front of the cameras oozing empathy for the plight of the frantic woman, knowing full well nothing would be done, she should stick to telling us how wonderful her husband is, which is all the damn woman is any good for. And there is Gordon Brown, old bum face himself, who could, even now, stop this fiasco in it’s tracks, and chooses not to, but then why would he? Remember this is the man who gladly pours the blood of British soldiers down the drains of Afghanistan in a vain attempt to secure an invitation to the White House.
Lastly, do not forget those spineless Labour MPs who signalled their support of Gary, then when it came to a vote in the Commons, abandoned him on the orders of what laughingly passes for a government in this country. There is only one way in which to deal with these pusillanimous political time servers, and that is at the ballot box. In a few short months there will have to be an election, and when that time comes, then every MP who betrayed Gary, and by so doing also betrayed this country, should be turfed out of office and back into the obscurity which they should never have parted company. During the election campaign these individuals deserve to be heckled and hounded all the way to the polling station.
They who have with such glee thrown the hapless Gary McKinnon to the American wolf are not butterflies, but, by God, they deserve to be broken on the wheal.