Monday, 11 May 2009


Faithful unto her kind, Harriet Harman appeared on breakfast television this morning to defend her fellow Ministers caught with their fingers in the till. It was inevitable that she should make her pitch on GMTV, a station which gives the impression of existing solely to disseminate Government propaganda, scarce a day goes by without Gordon Brown or one of his minions parading their finely honed mendacity on that channel, one has to wonder if it exists for any reason other than to blow the Governments trumpet.

Miss Harman smiled and simpered for the cameras, such an aura of innocence, one would suspect a Mars bar wouldn’t melt in her mitch, faithful to the cause is our harpy. This is of course the same Harriet who proclaims her loyalty to her leader while cajoling her political allies into knifing Brown in the back. Bless. The dame must think she is convincing, otherwise why would she appear on such a programme? The woman probably thinks it is mandatory for us to believe anything she chooses to tell us simply because she is the voice of authority and we are obliged to accept whatever it is she and her ilk choose to hand down to us. Silly, silly cow,

Our present crop of politicians are like the pre revolutionary nobles of France, but without the style, education or culture, they are sleepwalking to a revolution of their own making but are too stupid to realise what it is they are stoking up for themselves and for us, forget the bankers, the real damage to our society has been done by the political class as a whole and there are no exceptions to this indictment, no not even you Mr. Cameron, you post pubescent twerp.

I really do think a bit of a revolution would do the country a great deal of good, shut down all the day centres for black one legged lesbians. Sack the outreach workers and all the other parasites of New Labours client state leaching on the backs of the poor benighted tax payers. Finally, set a guillotine up outside John Lewises, and cut their fucking heads off.