Thursday, 4 December 2008


The arrogance of power lives in blissful ignorance of common sense, as the Damian Green episode demonstrates so graphically. There are many disturbing aspects about this case, the most prominent of these is the use of terrorist laws to harass a sitting MP, that is not what these laws were introduced for. The dissemination of details of government incompetence is not by any yardstick an act of terrorism, there are many who would describe that action as a civic duty, it is certainly the duty of opposition MPs to expose government shortcomings. This is not the first time such legislation has been used in a situation where it should never have been applied, as in the case of the octogenarian arrested under terrorism laws at the labour Party conference for heckling the Home Secretary, that was not a terrorist act either, merely an affirmation of good taste. That such laws are being used to stifle dissent is frightening, where will it all end? We are not heading towards a police state, we are already in one.

These events were not in any way helped by the dreadful Speaker,Michael Martin. this ignorant clown is not fit to be in charge of a bingo hall let alone the forum of our liberties, not content to to allow the police to enter an MP's office and carry away sensitive information which probably included details of the private affairs of constituents, he then seeks to offload the blame onto the shoulders of the over promoted Jill Pay, Searjent at Arms, an individual who has amply demonstrated that she is not fit to be in charge of the corporation lavatory let alone the Nations Parliament. As Miss Pay's predecessor was fired by the Speaker for being too posh I can only conclude that PayPal Jill's only qualification for the job, is that she is as common as arse gas in a cow shed.

The Prime Minister and his Home Secretary, declare they knew nothing about this pantomime. A member of the opposition is arrested, and his office in the Palace of Westminster raided, and the PM and Home Secretary knew nothing about it, dear God do they think we are simple? unfortunately, they do. The arrogance of power you see.

This Government will never apologise for it's actions, it does not believe in admitting to mistakes let alone saying sorry for them, such attitudes go hand in hand with their overweening contempt for the electorate, but they will find out when the time comes that the electors can and will exact a terrible revenge on them when the time comes. New Labour has forgotten what it was that propelled them into government in 1997. it was anger at the Tories not love of labour that gave them their historic majority. The sooner this government is given it's marching orders the better, although I balk as calling these tawdry specimens a government, they are nothing more than a fart in the face of the Nation.

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