Monday, 8 December 2008


They who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to live with it's mistakes, and as most members of the Labour Party are ignorant of our own history, let alone that of any other nation, then it should come as no surprise that by adopting Gordon Brown by acclamation as their leader, they landed us with the modern equivalent of Tiberius Caesar.
Notice Brown's slow moving jaws, just as Augustus described Tiberius. The second Emperor of Rome was intelligent, cunning and beset by dark moods. That's our Gordon all right, the moods do not come any darker and the man is as cunning as a shit house rat. If you doubt any of that, check with Tony Blair.

Tiberius allowed himself to come under the influence of unscrupulous friends, although our modern counterpart would describe that as all balls, despite the influence of his education Secretary, who, for all we know is the trainer of the spintriae.
The Emperor frightened the Senate, describing them as men fit to be slaves, ever seen Gordon at the Despatch Box, glowering at all around him in the Commons? And the reaction of those he was glowering at? The analogy is disconcerting to say the least.
Now we come to Sejanus, the Praetorian Prefect, a venomous specimen who the Emperor promoted way beyond what his social status merited, and when Sejanus stepped out of line, he was quickly finished off. Oh lordy, Mandy, you'll be for the chop one of these days, mark my words you will, sweet cheeks, especialy when Gordon finds out what you've been saying about him behind his back.
In his latter years, Tiberius lashed out at his enemies, treason trials being his weapon of choice. Damian Green love, you really should have seen it coming, your fate could not have been more clear if the Prime minister had put up a notice in the bus shelter signalling his intentions.
Now Tiberius, as we all know, spent his last years in a villa on Capri. Well, we do not have anything similar over here to offer our Gordon, but we could always shunt the old bugger off to a caravan on the Isle of Wight.
A mean spirited tyrant was how contemporaries described Tiberius, oh Gordon it gets worse as it gets more accurate doesn't it? But, the last word on this subject belongs to the Princeps Augustus, who described his adoptive son Tiberius as mud kneaded with blood. Pace Gordianus.

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