Thursday, 17 September 2015


The silly season is once more upon us, and the heroine of the hour is none other than Camila Batmanghelidjh, you know the one, she of the daft clothes, Widow Twankie masquerading as Mother Teresa. Now fat Cam spends most of her time (when nor cooking the books) doing good works. How do I know this? Because she expends an inordinate amount of energy telling us so, although like the books of Kid’s Company, this fact is open to interpretation. Mind you, I shouldn’t’ really be saying this as people who indulge in good works are above criticism as their goodness absolves them from the strictures which govern normal society, and to question this fact is to undermine the very foundations of P.C orthodoxy. Frankly my dears I don’t give a damn. Our Cammie is aided and abetted in her endeavours by none other than Alan Yentob, a bullying bolshie, who, for the princely sum of £330K per annum, farts for the BBC, and whose emissions are regarded in some circles as being akin to Holy Writ. Big Al is chairman of Kid’s Company and until very recently has amused himself by sending threatening letters to Government Ministers demanding ever more millions for this charitable scam, with considerable success I might add. Now, all good things must come to an end, and this includes dodgy charities such as Kid’s Company, the house came tumbling down, for this Cam blamed everyone but herself when in fact she was the architect of her own destruction. First off there was a march on Downing Street, organised by the affronted Madonna, waddling down Whitehall while resembling nothing so much as a tub of lard wrapped up in Christmas tinsel, surrounded by her acolytes shrieking “We love you Camila” Of course they love her, she was shovelling money their way in amounts that would shame a politician fiddling his expenses. The weeping and a wailing did not last for long, the worms soon started emerging from the woodwork and it was revealed to all that Kid’s company served to fund the life styles of Cam and her mates. Most generously. Camila’s probity went up the spout, apart from gobbie Al, none were there who were prepared to champion the Joanna Southcott of our times. Bolshie Al and Cam the scam are now in the tumbrel, too many in high places have been embarrassed by their mendacity for there to be a reprieve, nemesis hovers over them. Camila, will however, not recognise that the game is up, she is planning a new charity, fortunately the ridiculous cow will find it difficult to lasso another group of the rich and the gormless to fund her for another round at the compassion trough. The sad fact is that her antics have probably put off other donors from giving to genuine good causes. Oh Camila, what charities have been sullied by thine ego?

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