Wednesday, 19 June 2013


It’s a queer old world, that’s for sure, and if you have a bent for marriage things are certainly looking your way. The political elite are bending over to accommodate the notion of gay marriage and divorce lawyers are rubbing their hands in glee. The first such event will have more reporters than guests, so it will be important to get things right, so we are in need of a new wedding march, as Lohengrin would not really fit the bill.
No, Wagner is out, but I do think Gilbert and Sullivan will fit the bill nicely. For our anthem I have selected the finale from the Mikado, FOR HE’S GONE AND MARRIED YUM YUM, WITH SUITABLE AMMENDMENTS.


Chorus For he’s gone and buggerd Bum Bum,
Bum Bum.
Wankey Poo. Your envy prey bury for all will be merry, I think you had better succumb.
Chorus. Come come.
Wankie Poo. And enjoy our ejaculation of glee.
Nancy Boy. On this subject I beg you be dumb.
Chorus. Numb bum.
Nancy Boy. Your notions though many are not worth a penny, the word for your guidance Is bum.
Chorus. Bum Bum,
Nancy Boy. You’ve a very good bargain in me.
Chorus. On this subject we prey you be dumb,dumb dumb.
We think you had better come.
Come, you’ll find there are many who’ll piss for a penny, there’s just as good cock in the sea.
The threatened cloud has passed away and brightly shines our pooftah’s day.
While though the night can’t come to soon, we’ve years and years of afternoon.
Then let the throng our day advance, with laughing song and merry dance. With joyous shout and lots of beer, inaugurate our queers cheer.

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