Tuesday, 10 February 2009


So Carol Thatcher thinks some dago tennis player looks like a gollywog, so what? That is nothing compared to some of the things I have been called in my time, in all parts of the planet from Siberia to the Caribbean, and none of it has ever done me any harm or caused more than momentary irritation. But I am now irritated, cock quivering mad if the truth be told.

Two luminaries of the BBC have taken it on themselves to be outraged, and no-one doe’s outrage quite like BBC types taking offence on behalf of others. Of the two outragees, one is amongst the most famous names on the tele, which is probably why I can not remember what it is, there is no-one more forgettable than some self satisfied celebrity, after all, they are each and every one of them dead as mutton from the neck up. The other celeb is Jo Brand. I have heard of Miss Brand, I have also heard her effing and blinding on the box. Miss Brand is described as a comedienne, why this should be so God alone knows, the woman has the physique of Nellie the Elephant, is pug ugly and is so unfunny she should hire herself out for funeral dirges, her talent is as small as the gussets in her knickers are large, and that’s only if the old trollop wears any. These were the self-righteous carcasses who took umbrage at Carol’s remarks, frankly, I would rather be called a Nizrani than have my corner fought for me by this unlovely duo.

What sticks in my craw more than anything in this matter is the intolerance of those who seek to impose their views on others. Only the other day, Jeremy Clarkson was forced to apologise for calling Gordon Brown fat, Scottish, and stupid, no arguments there, but still Jeremy had to say sorry. It has come to a pretty pass when stating the bleeding obvious has become a hanging offence.

Who are these nebulous beings who decree what the rest of us can say and not say? Who gave them this power? I have never voted for anyone to curb my freedom of speech, nor to my certain knowledge has anyone else. So, from whence came this overwhelming power to crush descent? Who awarded it? Questions questions questions, and answeres are there none. All these PC plods should have Voltaire’s dictum drummed into them ‘I disagree entirely with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it’ naturally they have no knowledge of either Voltaire or his dictum, such a level of education could be construed as elitist.

It is only a matter of time before these Torquemadas of political correctness take things to their ultimate conclusion and they who commit heresy will not just be fired from their jobs but burnt at the stake in Spitalfields. I will sign off on the subject of dear Gordon, the last Scots idiot to make such a balls up of ruling England had his head chopped off.

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