Monday, 5 January 2009


It’s a good question, and one which needs answering, especially after the antics of assistant commissioner Cressida Dick, who has turned making a cock up into an industrial science.

It was Miss Dick you may recall, who masterminded the case against Paul Burrell, an effort which cost the taxpayer a great deal of money, while making even more of it for Mr. Burrell, who, without the attendant publicity would have sunk back into the obscurity which so sorely missed his companionship.

Miss Dick’s next virtuoso performance was the Menedes affaire. What was deplorable here was not the shooting of that unfortunate, in the climate of the times, with the nation expecting another terrorist attack, such an incident was virtually inevitable. The blunder here, was in the puerile attempt to draw a veil over the events at Stockwell tube station. Miss Dick should have told the baying mob to shut up, as they who were baying for police blood, would have been squawking even louder if someone had blown up another train because the police were too timid to act. One has to ask if Miss Dick is the right tool to have in the fight against crime.

Now we come to the affaire of Damian Green, the MP who was arrested for offending our divine Caesar, Gordianus Salvator Mundi. Who was it who was caressing the gonads of this little affaire? You guessed it good people, there she was, our Cressida, right in the thick of it. It takes a lot to put Miss Dick off her stroke, I can tell you, and on this one her hands were well and truly on the pump.

After such stunning example of incompetence, one has to ask why Miss Dick is still in her job, indeed it is puzzling as to how the lady achieved her current eminence, the suspicion here is that Miss Dick was promoted because she was a woman, a token, chosen to illustrate that all in then Scotland Yard ball park was not as feminist clowns such as Harriet Harman would have the gullible believe, an organisation tooled up against the promotion of females.
Equal opportunities as a policy is all very well, but not at the expense of efficiency, especially where the exercise of justice is the paramount requirement. Found wanting on the job, Miss Dick should take herself in hand and resign.

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