Thursday, 8 June 2017


It is said that those who the gods wish to destroy they first make mad, if on the off chance the local booby hatch is overbooked they send the poor saps off to join the Labour party, the eternal home of deluded intellectual toffs who’s main recreation is pretending to be working class.

To be caught between Scylla and Charybdis is to be faced with two equally unpleasant alternatives, what is vulgarly known as between a rock and a hard place and considering my template for the two monsters of Greek mythology, I have chosen well, none other than Shami Chakrabarti and Diane Abbott, better known as Baroness Bollocks and Lard Arse, two man hating harridans, who’s hypocrisy is the yardstick by which all others are measured, and found wanting in comparison.

Let us take a closer look at our two charmers, not that either of them possess a grain of the substance. First there is Lard Arse. This particular specimen went to Cambridge, her entry to this seat of advanced learning must have been due to positive discrimination as all evidence points to the woman being as thick as pig shit, she read history but seems to have forgotten most of the subject, although I suspect the lady did not learn much of it in the first place. Our Di is now shadow Home Secretary despite being unable to tell one end of an abacus from the other, she boasts that Cambridge made her, well, it also made Burgess and Mclean, a bright pair who’s loyalty to Britain could be considered somewhat suspect, as can Diane’s.

Now we come to shameless Shami, the Sherpa of social climbing, and has she scaled the heights, but first a thumbnail sketch of the lady’s attributes, and I promise I will try not to be ungallant. She has a face which resembles an arse which has been over injected with botox, expressionless except for the gap in the middle (Never could keep a promise too good to repeat) The newly minted peer used to be leader of an outfit called Liberty for which we should all be grateful as we had not any experience of such a concept before Shami’s lot jumped off the banana boat and taught us the meaning of freedom. Shami thinks grammar schools are socially divisive which is probably why they would not admit her sprog to Eton, forcing the hypocrite to send the lad to the down market Dulwich College, cheaper but lacking the social cachet of Slough Grammar. While this is all socially divisive, Shami will not worry herself unduly as she is on record as being stuck horrified by the prospect of sharing a room with Essex men. Very uncouth are Essex men, no class and they all go to state comprehensives.

Scylla had twelve faces, but then so has Shami and her pal Diane. The mythical monsters were man eaters, I do not know about Baroness Bollox, but Lard Arse certainly falls into that category as Jeremy Corbyn could certainly testify. Those who the gods wish to destroy they cause to live in a democracy.

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