Monday, 7 November 2016


Pride comes before a fall and Mrs. Clinton has enough of the stuff to fill her hubby’s pants and still leave enough room to accommodate his dick, and with his track record in said department that is surely saying something. Although what the woman has to be proud of is something of an enigma. Mrs C is an avowed feminist, coasting to her personal nirvana by means of her husbands coat tails. Nothing like a knob to pole vault to success.

Our heroine is running for the Presidency of the USA on a cloud of mendacity of such intensity one would suspect she has received lessons from our own Tony Blair, no slouch himself when it comes to spinning porkies. The race for the White House is not for the feint hearted, it is the political equivalent of the Tour de France, the final lap is the most gruelling and Hillary has come off her bike in a spectacular fashion. She who has lived a lie is now dying of one, garrotted by the truth so to speak, Donald Trump, no slouch when it comes to spouting a big whopper, cannot believe his luck.

Now, time to get sown to the kernel of this problem, Hillary and her unwillingness to call a spade a bleeding shovel, to wit, she did not send any e-mails despite initiating six hundred and fifty of the little blighters, which suggests that with such a level of correspondence she could not have spared the time to have a crap let alone give Bill a blow job, not that he would have availed himself of the offer. All this was effected via a private server, which begs the question what did she have to hide? What did she have to convey that could not be entrusted to the official apparatus? Hillary avows she did not do anything wrong, is this her Monica moment?

Hillary has been blowing hot and cold on Donald’s attitude to women, a stance somewhat perplexing considering the time she has been hitched to Bill without tonguing so much as a whisper of disapproval, a state of affaires which does leave a marginally nasty taste in the mouth. So, to the dénouement of this piece, Hillary looking forlornly through the gates of the White House, the only cunt on Capital Hill which Bill has not drilled.

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