Monday, 5 September 2016


There is no denying it, try as one may, but social background defines a Brit, ‘twas ever so and forever will, especially in politics where class is a sure-fire compass to the direction of advancement, but things are not so strait forward as may be supposed. In some of the more elevated circles of the profession it does not pay to be posh, oh Lordy no.
Let’s take the Tories. David Cameron and his cronies busted a collective gut in pretending to be common, nobody actually swallowed that nonsense, but at least they tried, despite having posh wives, posh houses and inherited wealth, unfortunately that did not prevent them getting the bums rush after the recent referendum. The new intake to the realms of government are a different kettle of fish altogether, down market would be one way of putting it, council house crap would be another, not a genuine doff amongst the lot of them, makes one ashamed to be British.
However, we can always rely on the good old Labour party to maintain standards, which is why Owen Smith will not be elected their new leader, the fatuous Welsh git is as common as a fart in a cow shed, so, let us look a little closer at the peoples party and see what they have loaded on to the offering plate.
I could do worse than to start with Michael Meacher, who took vociferous objection to being labelled middle class despite falling off his perch leaving behind five million quid to his heirs and successors, one could buy an entire council estate with that sort of dosh, but we must not pick nits no matter how much they leave behind.
Now let’s get to the star players. Harriet Harman, related to an Earl no less, naturally she tries to play this down and everyone pretends to go along with the pantomime, but our Hattie is the full Monty, which is why Diane Abbot can not stand the sanctimonious bitch.
Last we come to the star of the show, the next leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister of England, Jeremy Corbyn, who has the word posh branded on his bum, after all, he was born in a manor house and went to prep school, the clincher? He has a brother called Piers, working class boys do not have brothers called Piers, Sid or Bert yes, but Piers? Never. The man is a shoo in to lead the party of social equality.
So. There you have it folks, Jeremy will give us the ruling class we all cherish and which them common bloody Tories have so casually thrown away. Come the next election Vote Labour and bugger the working class.

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