Thursday, 9 June 2011


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, you know, the bitch on the broomstick of British journalism, she who must not be argued with lest one be accused of racism, not that such a charge would worry me. Buggerall-Brown has made a career of biting the hand which feeds it and expects to be cheered to the rafters for doing so, the ungrateful cow is as smug as a well turned arse on a gay pride march.
The hectoring old besom came to this country just before the expulsion of the Asians from Uganda, and seeing which way the wind was blowing, promptly married a British passport, as one does, and from that day to this has never forgiven us for being so accommodating, neither have I come to that.
Buggerall-Brown has been described as being the stupidest woman in Britain, sharing the accolade with Diane Abbot, another harridan who blew in from God knows where to lambaste us for our tolerance, together they make up the Dolly Sisters of the race relations farrago, that pair ought to open a bawdy house in Brick Lane, offering halal sex to the brotherhood, getting ahead with Islam so to speak.
Brown’s trademark is anti racism, but this is a heavily qualified term because the woman never lets slip an opportunity to sneer at the poor old native Brits and their traditions, but then in the world of Buggerall-Brown and her mates, the only racists are a whiter shade of pale, the woman will not be satisfied until our Muslim friends have bred themselves into the majority and are leading us off to the gas ovens.
Like all of her kind, darling Yasmin is very good at dishing it out but when it comes to taking it, well that is a different proposition alltogether, offend old Buggerall-Brown and you are more than likely to find plod feeling your collar, as Gareth Compton found out to his cost. Gareth, tongue in cheek suggested Buggerall-Brown should be stoned. What’s wrong with that? Some people just do not have a sense of humour, personally if such an event should come to pass I would be first in the queue with me bag of brick and a jam doughnut to fortify myself, but, I digress. Gareth was arrested, at night of course, after all this is politically correct Britain and Stalinist principles must be adhered to. The outcome was predictable, Gareth was suspended from the Conservative Party, always ready willing and eager to throw one of it’s members to the race relations wolves. Brown was in her element, striding through the airwaves, Nemesis with a tampax, not that she would need one at her age, demanding vengeance, and retribution for the remarks of the hapless councillor.
Now before you good folks say that miracles do not happen, I have news for you. Despite all expectations to the contrary, the CPS dismissed the case, thus depriving Buggerall-Brown the chance of a racist rant from the witness box, and Gareth Compton was free to continue with his life, up to a point. It should come as no surprise that Councillor Compton has now stood down as a representative of the people, and his chances of a political career are as substantial as the survival of a snow ball in hell. Well, what would you expect?
As for Buggerall-Brown she continues on her merry way, unchallenged by common sense or a consideration of her hosts. I rather think she should be stoned, or at least given a one way ticket back to where she came from.

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