Monday, 15 June 2009


Dear darling Hazel Blears, New Labours sparkling little china doll. Bright of smile and full of shite, but then what else would one expect of this ornament of Gordon Brown’s administration? A diamond is Hazel, albeit one with more flaws than flash.
La Gazza Ladra, which, as you are aware of, or, in all probability you are not, is an Italian opera. You can’t describe yourself as being cultured unless you know a bit about wop composers. La Gazza Ladra, as you undoubtedly realise (All right, I’m taking the piss) is an opera by the incomparable Rossini. In English it reads as The Thieving Magpie, Getting it now dears? Christ, talk about flogging a dead horse on the way to the knackers yard.
Yes, it is easy enough to correlate The Thieving Magpie with Hazel Blears, one of the leading kleptocratic cows of this arrogant administration, although in her case, thieving midget would be a smidgeon closer to absolute accuracy.
If there is one image above all others which will define the Members of Parliament’s expenses scandal, or, the school for fiddles as we should really define the affair, it is that of the thieving midget waving a cheque at the television cameras. There she was, the egregious trollop, with a grin as red and as vivid as a monkeys bum, demonstrating the level of her contrition by taking her fingers out of the till long enough to stick two of them up in the direction of the tax payers.
The usual excuses were trotted out. It was a mistake, of course it was luv, it always is when one diddles the tax man, nobody in public life does it intentionally, or at least, that is what the Parliamentary Kleptocracy would have us believe. Unfortunately for baby Blears and her ilk, we the voters are not nearly as gormless as the politicos think we are, and those pantomimes of innocence just do not wash with us. The thieving sods are as guilty as sin and nothing will convince us otherwise.
What really sticks in my craw is the fact that the midget can wave a cheque at the camera thinking it solves everything, “There you are folks, all paid back. Now go out and vote for me” But let’s get one thing strait, Blears bless her vertically challenged soul, has not paid a penny back. Because of some arcane technicality, the revenue can not accept the money. It gets better does it not? So comforting for the people herded into bankruptcy by the pitiless tax authorities and left with not so much as a bath plug with which to bless themselves, but, that is the comforting reality of political life, one rule for us and no rules for them. Ain’t life grand.
In a few days time we go to the polls, and this will be one occasion when the people’s pilferers will not be so eager to smile for the men from the tele. This time round, the politicians of all parties will be well and truly hammered by an entire nation which is up in arms. The blood bath we shall witness on Thursday is nothing in comparison to the one which will occur at the next general election. The magpies have thieved to their hearts content, now, they are going to have their wings clipped.

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